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The MOS UpLift is designed to facilitate the loading and unloading of sports and outdoor equipment on the roof of your car, thanks to its gas spring load-assisted lifting mechanism.

Adventure is now within reach. Whether you enjoy cycling, kayaking, skiing, or camping, you can access your favorite activities safely, without any hassle or headache. With the multi-sport MOS UpLift, accessibility is key - 1 product for 4 uses.

Note: To install the MOS UpLift, your car must have crossbars.

  • Load capacity: 85 lbs (39 kg)
  • Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)
  • Height of structure from crossbars: 61 cm (24 in)
  • Range extension: 86 cm (34 in)
  • Adjustable width: minimum 51 cm (20 in), maximum 99 cm (39 in)
  • Materials and finish: powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel, plastic
  • Colour: matt black
  • The MOS UpLift is installed on heavy-duty crossbars with a minimum load capacity of 165 lbs (75 kg).
  • Compatible accessories: roof box maximum width 66 cm (26 in), ski rack maximum width 66 cm (26 in), bike rack with or without front wheels, kayak rack.
  • Compatible accessory fasteners: 20 x 20 mm T-slot and cable ties.
  • Can you install a MOS UpLift on each side of the car? Yes
  • Optionally, you can keep your MOS UpLift safe with the MOS Lock.