We are a service focused company with roots in the outdoors.  Let us help simplify your rack shopping experience.



Simon Coward

Like all our staff, Simons 'happy place' is in the outdoors.  Whether it is splitboarding, kayaking, rafting or climbing, that is where he is most happy to be.

Brandon Willms

Brandon is a charger.  Loves getting out n the mountains in or on any craft he can.  Is working hard on travelling the world adventuring on boards or in boats.

Tom Stewart

Tom is our inventory manager and knows almost everything there is to about racks,  like everyone else, loves bikes, boards and boats in the backcountry

Alison McPherson

Ali is one of the most stoked outdoors people you will meet.  Always pumped to help people get the right gear to transport their 'toys' to the hills