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Roof Rack Solution for Fibreglass Truck Topper

Truck Topper Options for Carrying a Canoe with cab racks already installed

See real customer question and response below:

Question:  "Hi, I’m looking at options for carrying a canoe on my Silverado crew cab with a fibreglass topper on it. I currently have Thule crossbars and towers over the cab of the truck, but need a cross bar solution at the rear of the vehicle to fully support the canoe over the topper."

Answer: Thanks for the email. There are a number of options that you could go for.

You can put Thule Top Tracks on the topper and a full rack system up there, it is pretty straight forwards and the price would be somewhere in the $750 - $900 range (including taxes)
Alternately, if you have a hitch receiver you could use something like the Thule Goal Post 
This would be an equally good option for the canoe and a bunch less $$'s than a full topper rack setup.

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