Rhino Rack Zenith Cargo Box 400

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The Zenith MasterFit Luggage Box has a beautiful modern design that is highly aerodynamic, reliable and secure. It is the perfect accessory to carry your gear along on your family vacation or on that road trip with your mates.

Colour Black
External Dimensions
  • Length 76 inch
  • Width 32 inch
  • Height 14 inch
Internal Dimensions
  • Length 74 inch
  • Width 30 inch
  • Height 14 inch/td&gt
Opening Dual
Product Weight 37 lb
Volume 400 L

Loading all your gear in the Zenith Luggage Box allows you to enjoy the extra space and comfort while travelling and keep you at peace knowing that your gear will arrive safely with you to your destination.

  • Stylish with a modern and elegant design
  • The capacity of this luggage box is 400L
  • Made from ABS/PMMA with a metallic paint finish
  • UV Protected
  • Impact Resistant
  • Includes 4x premium fit mounts
  • The luggage box has dual side opening for convenience
  • It has a 3 point central locking system
  • A specifically designed rear wind diffuser for aerodynamics
  • Includes 3x tie down straps