Rhino Rack Wind Fairing

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The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing has been engineered to minimise wind noise whilst driving. Hearing the whistle of wind running through the load you're transporting can take away the fun of driving. The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing deflects air around your load which keeps it quiet. We've also styled this product so that it enhances the sleek design of your vehicle and roof racks. The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing is universally fitting which means that it will easily attach to cross bars from most major roof rack brands.

  • 813mm / 32" Rhino Rack Wind Fairing
  • 965mm / 38" Rhino Rack Wind Fairing
  • 1118mm / 44" Rhino Rack Wind Fairing
  • 1270mm / 50" Rhino Rack Wind Fairing
  • Length 813 inch
  • Length 965 inch
  • Length 1,118 inch
  • Length 1,270 inch
  • Height 128 inch
Warranty 5 Years
  • 32 inch length
  • 38 inch length
  • 44 inch length
  • 50 inch length
  • Reduces wind noise
  • Universally fitting clamps (See Roof Rack Compatibility for more info)
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Stylish Design